Alexander van Dijl International for non-Dutch speakers

It seems a little strange running a multi-national organisation and having a website in Dutch. However, since most of my customers do come from my home country of the Netherlands, it seems to be the best way to go.

Now because there are a lot of non-Dutch speakers in the world, this page is hear to help you.

On this page you will find my 7-step guide to getting ahead in your financial life. My main goal is for you to live a debt free life. I have never sent an invoice to anyone, so do not expect me to charge you. We do provide a way of making a voluntary donation if our services have helped you in any way.

Alexander’s proven 7-step formula

I have used this formula to get out of debt myself. The main and most important part is the highway to a debt free life! Known in the steps as “Step 2”.

Step 1: Put 1000 euro’s aside. If you live in a non-Euro country, you can change this amount for a similar value in your local currency. This is done in case something happens such as a home appliance breaking, or your car breaking down. Living in the Netherlands I do not need a car, but I do know there are places where things are different.

Step 2: Highway to a debt free life. This step is the one that takes the most explanation and will help anyone get out of debt. First of all, it is hugely important to live on the absolute basics. Do not spend ANY money that does not need to be spent. I have recently helped someone do this, simply by making a budget.

The debt highway works by listing debt in order of amount. The lowest amount comes first. Pay minimum payments on all debts except the first. Pay the maximum amount on the lowest debt. Sell anything you can sell, get an extra job, just do what you can! Get there as fast as possible. Next, the next debt.

I personally recently called 6 debt collection agencies on behalf of one of my clients and explained this system. They call it “unusual” but a very good way to take care of debts. All have excepted the terms.

If you need some assistance setting up your debt highway, send me an email. My direct email-address is

Step 3: Set 3 to 6 months of expenses aside. Put it in a savings account, do not worry about the interest. 3 to 6 months will cover you in case of a lost job or other sudden financial problems.

Step 4: Invest 15% of your money in something that has a stable interest of at lease 1% per month. I have a small portfolio of shares and cryptocurrency.

Step 5: Save for education for the next generation. Be sure that you teach your children that debt is never needed.

Step 6: Pay of your house as fast as possible!

Step 7: Give money away to people that have not read this guide and need it! Be sure to also pass them a link to this guide!

If there is anything I can help you with, please send me an email. My direct email-address is

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